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State of the art equipment to make your job easier

When outfitting our equipment, Custom Conveying partnered with an industry leader in Bay-linx Manufacturing. Bay-lynx is an innovative company which centers on superior quality, and user ease of their Multicat Spreaders. They use high grade products and certified welders and technicians to produce the highest quality product possible.

The Multicat Spreader is the ideal machine to place Sand, Stone, Topsoil, and Mulch in difficult, 'hard to reach' areas such as basements, tile beds, slabs, tanks, and utility trenches, pools and more.

The patented Load Suspension Beam along with the plastic liner allows you to evenly unload materials that would normally bridge or hang up in conventional machines. One operator can unload up to 22 tons of material in minutes and reach distances of up to 100' feet from the rear of the truck.


Capacity: 18 cubic yds

Main Conveyor:
  • 21" wide x 20' long
  • UHMW bed
  • Endless, friction back belt
  • Variable Speed 0-240 fpm, approximate
  • Direct Drive Hydraulic Motor
Throw Conveyor:
  • 14"wide x 19' long
  • 35 degree troughing idlers
  • Endless belt with optional raised chevron pattern
  • 2.4:1 increaser on hydraulic motor results in 0-2800 fpm variable speed, approximate
  • Option to direct drive
  • Full power raise/lower, right/left swing
Hydraulic Controls:
  • Standard upper operating platform
  • Mechanical values standard with options to full radio remote
Recommended chassis:
  • 20 000 # front, 40 000 # rears
  • Min c.a. 138' with 60" spread
  • Min c.a. 132' with 72" spread

efficient delivery of building material